Baby Diaries: Do Stretch Mark Oils/Creams Really Work?

C: stretch marks… not pretty but probably one of those pregnancy things that everyone worries about at least a little bit? Pregnancy is a beautiful thing (in theory/for outsiders who don’t have to deal with the nasty little side effects our beautiful babies cause our poor bodies) but no one wants a body of stretch marks that last forever – even if they do fade eventually. The difficult thing is the number of products on the market, some of which are quite frankly extortionate in price. So the real question is… do they work? In my experience, I am afraid the answer is nope! And after a little research this seems to be the case for most people.


I have tried several creams/oils that are widely available, and have been using them twice daily since the start of the second trimester, so since like week 12. And I am afraid to say, despite the major “lubing up” as the boyfriend delightfully calls this lengthy twice daily process I still have stretch marks. Now admittedly, I have watched one born every minute and spoken to my midwife about it, and my stretch marks are no where near as bad as other peoples. They are all very thin lines, and are mostly just on my hips rather than all the way across my new beer belly which I am super pleased about. But they are still there.

Would they have been worse if I havent used these creams? Who knows. I am afraid I can’t comment on that, I was far too scared of the dreaded stretch marks to risk not using them! After a little research I found that apparently stretch marks are hereditary…. which also seems to be a lie as my mother informed me she didn’t get any (and my father butted in, informing me his actual beer belly is still beautifully clear of stretch marks – inserted lolling emojis here). In fact, my midwife has told me that 90% of ladies get stretch marks. NINETY PERCENT. That is basically everyone.

So my recommendation? Both of these creams made my skin more supple and moisturised, meaning I haven’t had an itchy tummy whilst it has stretched, and if nothing more it is a way of pre-bonding with your beautiful baby via a little massage. As far as the bio-oil goes, I shall report back on how quickly my marks fade after they have finished stretching, but so far they haven’t gone bright red and look like old ones already, so I am feeling positive! But to cut a long story short? If you are gonna get them…. It’s going to happen no matter what! So my advice is to be prepared and not worry about it, your life isn’t over and they will fade eventually! 

Any preggo bloggers out there found the same thing? #twolittleowls

6 thoughts on “Baby Diaries: Do Stretch Mark Oils/Creams Really Work?

  1. laineyloveslife

    I just posted about this a while back. Gosh, I have Palmer’s, a body butter from Sri Lanka, and a body balm and dry oil from Pevonia Australia. I’m so scared of stretchmarks, I even dream about them…

    My OB said she can’t really endorse a product because it depends on our skin’s elasticity too. The results vary from one mom to another so we really can’t compare. I think if I really want to get rid of it I’ll have to undergo laser treatment in the future. 🙂


    1. twolittleowlsblog Post author

      Yeah apparently the only way to get rid of them is laser treatment! If you are gonna get them then you are? So there’s no point worrying about it! There’s worse things in life than stretchmarks! Although saying that I cried loads when I got mine… And now I really couldn’t care less! 😘 xxx

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      1. laineyloveslife

        I think I’m going to cry too because I’ve been dreaming about the stretch marks. lol
        And yes, my hubby said I can have the laser treatment if I’m really bothered of the stretchmarks. I even said sorry if I’m a little selfish.. He said it’s definitely okay to still want to look great. Not all people will understand..

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