Review: High Beam dupe Highlights by Technic

A: Now you can’t get much more of an obvious dupe than this… 

  I’ve always wanted to try High Beam but £19.50 for a highlighter that I might not love was just too much of a risk – so when I spotted this dupe for £1.25 I obviously put it in my shopping basket straight away. To be honest – I was a little worried it might be too pale for me, although I’m super pale my skin has warm tones cause of my ridiculous amount of freckles, and this is more bluey toned – but for £1.25 I wouldn’t be loosing that much if I hated it!     
It’s a lovely texture, silky and smooth – the top photo is straight out of the bottle and the bottom is blended slightly. The application is okay too – it’s pretty much the same as a nail varnish brush, nothing extravagant. Once you’ve blended it, it does lose the cool blue tones too, which is a bonus for me. The shimmer is pretty too, just subtle glitter and nothing too chunky.  

Now it’s not always easy to capture highlight in a photo – I’ve done my best so don’t laugh at my posey photos too much. But I placed it just above my cheekbones in a diagonal line, and blended down onto the apples of my cheeks. I did this after all of my other make up steps, and I’m really happy with the finished result. I’ve been after achieving that dewey make up look for so long, and I really think this is perfect for it! It’s iridescent and pearly, and is so pretty to use to finish my everyday make up. I’m so happy I picked it up when Chloe and I went on a Saturday splurge (see what she brought here!), but I’d love to know how it compares to the original High Beam – so please let me know if you’ve tried it!   And if you feel like giving this a go, I’ve managed to find it here on Amazon for £2.70 – not quite as cheap as my bargain but pretty close! 



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