A Bargain Haul! 

C: I went shopping with Annie on Saturday and just happened to decide to pop into the Factory Shop… I dunno if you guys have heard of it? Well basically they have lots of beauty bargains/are often actually full of all the same stuff that no one wants, but this time we were super lucky and wanted to share our purchases with you in case you have one nearby and can snap up the same bargains!

First up is this nail polish from Revlon in the shade 85 ‘Minted’ which cost a whole… £1.19. Bargain. I love this colour for Summer and I trust Revlon to provide me with a decent nail polish so this was a winner for me!

Nip + Fab CC Cream in Light for £2! Yes you read that correctly…£2, when it is £14.99 from Boots etc. I have an obsession with base products at the moment so this went straight in the basket. This find was also when I started shouting Annie desperately to see if she wanted one (she did) before the crowds behind me snatched them all (we were basically the only ones in the shop).

And iv saved the best til last…. Dr Brand pores no more, pore refining cream. RRP of £55 and this cost us both… £5! I literally couldn’t believe it. We clearly both got one (and I would have bought loads more if there was any) and they were so cheap that I started to minorly panic when paying that I had read it wrong and I was going to end up with a very sad bank balance!

So there we have our bargain shop of the week! I literally am still in shock, so if you have a Factory Shop near you then go and check it out! Reviews will follow in due course obviously, once we have had a chance to try these out/I have dared open the super expensive face cream that will look excellent in my bathroom! #twolittleowls 


11 thoughts on “A Bargain Haul! 

  1. Karen Rees

    Jaw literally hit the floor when I spotted the Nip+Fab cream – what a bargain!!!!!!!!! We have one that’s only about 20 mins away from us so time to pop in and get shoppin 😉 hehe Awesome finds gals, Karen XXX

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