Review: Model Co SHINE Ultra Lip Gloss

C: after my review of the S&G motherpucker lipgloss (which you can see here) I decided that my lipgloss adventures are clearly popular, and I had better share another discovery with you beauties. I have only just started a love affair with lip glosses, so thought the best way to start would be to get a neutral-ish gloss that I can wear on top of all my lipsticks whilst I decide whether or not I want to go all out and buy thousands of glosses in different colours. And my lord I am glad I did… enter Model Co’s lipgloss in “Strip Tease” – available here for £16.

photo 1(34)

“Strip Tease” is a beautiful peachy nude, full of beautiful shimmery-ness that is subtle and yet eye catching at the same time. The shimmer is finely milled and discreet, so it adds extra shine without looking like a 6 year old who has been playing with sequins and glue. Alone this lipgloss is beautifully subtle, but I prefer to wear it layered over my favourite lipsticks for extra shine.

photo 2(32)

It is not sticky at all, meaning its comfortable to wear all day and I actually finding it to be quite moisturising unlike other glosses I have tried. It also lasts a long time before it wears off. I found it lasted about 3 hours on me unless I was eating or drinking lots (which is most of the time), which meant I had to top it up more often. Although wearing lipgloss is still a novelty to me so I was pretty happy cracking out my lipgloss to reapply.

It also comes with a handy little mirror on the side, so you can reapply your lipgloss on the go without having to use your camera on your phone/look like a mental person. Possibly one of the best lip gloss ideas ever!

Have any of you guys tried this lipgloss? What did you think? #twolittleowls

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