Review: Cynthia Rowley Beauty Creamy Lip Stain in Poppy

C: I received a sample size of this product in my June Birchbox, which I reviewed here, and although I wasn’t particularly pleased with my box/the size of this sample I am always eager to try out new lip products. Mostly in the hope that I don’t like them and then won’t feel the need to add to the thousands of other lip products I own and don’t wear! This product is a Birchbox exclusive, and available here for £14.


As you can see from the tiny sample, the packaging is pretty attractive and the full size version is exactly the same as this as far as I can see!


I received the shade Poppy, which is a sheer red with a really fine glitter running through it. Although sheer, the formula is buildable so you can layer it up to achieve the colour you want. Perfect for make up/red lip beginners who might be scared of wearing such a bright colour.


A little selfie of me to show you what it looks like on – this is with two layers of colour which I really liked. It was bright enough to be noticeable, but not so bright that it couldn’t be worn every day. The formula is also really moisturising which surprised me… even though it claims to be I didn’t believe them at first as most stains are quite drying or uncomfortable feeling on the lips which this really isn’t.

After an hour or so/eating or drinking the glossiness disappears but the stain remains in place. Meaning you would need to top up if you really wanted the glossy effect all day, but the colour itself fades evenly so if you are out and about or at a meal you wouldn’t have to panic about reapplication! The stain itself lasted a good four hours on me, which is really good for me, as I am permanently drinking water and snacking so normally lip stains last about two hours!

All in all, a really positive experience from Cynthia Rowley, I will definitely be looking to invest in some other colours! Did anyone else get this from Birchbox? What did you think? #twolittleowls


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