Review: Rimmel BB Cream Radiance

A: This is something I’ve been using for a couple of weeks now after Chloe suggested Rimmel for a BB Cream when my fave one was getting low.

I went for the ‘very light’ shade because well, I’m super pale. According to the packaging, this is a 9-in-1 Skin Perfecting Super Makeup – so what’re it’s claims? 1. Prime, 2. Smooth, 3. Conceal, 4. Minimise pores, 5. Provides natural looking coverage, 6. Moisture for 24 hours, 7. Awakens tired skin, 8. Brightens with vitamin C complex. 9. Gives radiant finish. Jeez that’s a lot of big claims. So does it live up to them?


To be totally honest, I prefer using a primer underneath this. It doesn’t do the sliding off your face by midday trick, but my face doesn’t look as ‘done’ after a few hours – but if I do use a primer underneath, my make up stays in place pretty much all day.

Smooths and Minimises Pores

It definitely smooths my skin, and provides coverage for enlarged pores – which is something I will unfortunately always need!

Conceals and Provide Natural Looking Coverage

I think this could be used as a concealer as well as an all over base, because it is really heavy. To be honest I think it’s too heavy to warrant being called a BB cream. I actually use this with another BB cream I have, which is a lot lighter in texture. Together they provide the perfect coverage for me, because this on its own totally covers my freckles – which makes me look really strange and like I’ve got no facial features. – not natural at all. But if you haven’t got freckles, this might be perfect for you – I’d love to know if you’ve tried it!

Moisturise for 24 Hours

This is a massive claim, and I would actually say that it lives up to it, for me anyway! Dry skin is not something I suffer from, and this keeps my skin feeling soft and supple all day. Between this and moisturising in the morning after cleansing, I have no problems at all.

Awakens Tired Skin, Brightens and Gives Radiant Compelxion

My skin looks 100% brighter when I use this, it must have some light reflecting products in it because it makes my whole complexion look healthy and well looked after – something all girls strive for? 

Product befor blending

After blending

So what’s my overall review? I actually really like using this, and I would think that if you don’t have the problem of having freckles all over your face, this would be a great solo use product. But it is a little heavy for me as it is, so if I team it with a super light BB cream I’ve got the perfect base; medium coverage, smooths pores and blemishes, gives radiance and brightens tired skin, and a matte finish too. It’s also really easy to blend, but I do get on better with my make up sponge rather than a brush. It’s priced reasonable at £6.99 from Boots

Chloe reviewed another BB cream here if you’re interested in taking a look at how it compares to this.

Have you tried any of Rimmels BB creams? #twolittleowls 


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