Review: Magnitone Lucid – The Secret to Amazing Skin?

A & C: as we were lucky enough to be offered a lovely discount by Magnitone, we decided to try out the Magnitone Lucid in our ever expanding quest for perfect skin! Now we have had a chance to try it out properly we wanted to share our opinions with you lovely readers, but first lets explain exactly what it is/does. “Magnitone Lucid is powered by Active Electromagnetic Technology™. Enhanced electromagnetic pulsations that send rapid vibrations into skin. They naturally unclog pores, and sweep away dry and dead skin cells, leaving a clearer complexion. With over 10,000 movements per minute, your skin is better prepared to absorb all your skincare products” Magnitone claim that results are visible within one week. The brush is also waterproof so can be used in the shower, offers two settings (one for sensitive skin) and has a built in timer to guide your cleanse. So what did we think? photo 1(22) C: I went for the bright pink, Pixie Lott option… just because it was pink basically. It also includes an extra little headband to keep your hair out of the way whilst using it which was nifty! I have been using this with my First Aid Beauty cleanser for about three weeks now and I have been really enjoying it. In terms of exfoliation I saw immediate results, my skin was softer and brighter and all dry skin was removed (seriously, I always struggle to exfoliate around my nose piercing and this has solved all of my problems!), my make up applied better and I was super happy. Unfortunately after about 3/4 days it did cause a small break out – basically two spots so not really a disaster, but after just over a week I was left with clear, exfoliated skin that was in good condition and absorbed my moisturiser easily. I feel like I am really looking after my skin when I used this, and it was definitely worth the pennies!

 A: I went for the mint green, which is one of my favourite colours.

I was a little worried about trying this, I have super sensitive skin which is massively prone to spots and blemishes – but I knew that if I persevered, the Magnitone would probably help with this. I’ve been using it once a day now for three weeks, and I have noticed a difference in my skin. It’s brighter, clearer and softer, and although I still have the odd blemish they have cleared up a little. As with Chloe, my make up is so much nicer to apply because my skin is super exfoliated. I’m not sure how it’s affected my pores yet, it is always a little hard to tell. But I think they do look a little smaller. Like Chloe, I have been using my FAB First Aid Cleanser (which we reviewed here), and they work really well together. It is a little pricey, but I really do think it’s worth it – especially as Chloe and I have both got on well with it even though we both have sensitive skin.

Have any of you guys tried the Magnitone Lucid? Or thinking about trying it? Let us know #twolittleowls

2 thoughts on “Review: Magnitone Lucid – The Secret to Amazing Skin?

  1. rachwat

    I’ve been thinking about getting an exfoliating brush like this for ages as I’ve wondered if it would help with my spots. However I’ve been put off by people saying they aren’t suitable for sensitive skin and the price! Good to know if I do get one it won’t affect my sensitivity 😊 x



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