A Super Duper Exciting Update

C: Hi guys! Just wanted to post a little life update today, just so you are aware of a few changes that might occur over here (from me anyway, Annie will still be ginger). I am super happy and excited to finally announce that L and I are expecting a little peanut in September! Yes you heard it, my eggo is preggo mamma bears (finally… a reason to quote Juno).

Now, as this is the inter web I am not going to be sharing my scan pictures, as we want to keep them private/just for us for a little longer so I do apologise. However, after being convinced I would go for my scan and there would be nothing in there… I can confirm that baby owl is healthy and well!

So there is my gossip for you lovely readers (and the people who have read it on Facey-b for a little nose)! So you can be expecting some slightly different lifestyle posts from me now, as I share with you my pearls of wisdom from this experience (lesson number 1… first 12 weeks are like a permanent hungover hangover, but with none of the wine. Not good), as well as some bumpalicious OOTD’s and wish lists of all the miniature stuff I am lusting after!

P.S. Annie is super excited to be an Auntie!

Thanks for reading, and let me know if you have any tips/recommendations etc! #twolittleowlsblog

7 thoughts on “A Super Duper Exciting Update

      1. Kaily

        I remember telling the nurse “I can’t do this!” a few hours into delivery. She told me “too late, PUSH!” Haha. They really, really are worth it though.

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