Ginger and Morange; too much?

A: Okay so I haven’t even worn this yet, but I had to share it with you because a) it’s amazing, and b) I need help! I’ve been eyeing Mac’s Morange up for at least a year now and I finally decided to take the plunge and treat myself just before Christmas. But now I’m worried that I’ve made the wrong decision, because as we all know – a Mac lipstick is an investment; and I’m worried I might not get enough use out of this because it is so well erm… orange. And there’s no getting round it, I’m pretty orange too…


So why do I need your help? Well I need some advice on how to wear it! I know that it’s totally the wrong time of year to be wearing this colour, but I’m prepping for the spring and I want to be confident in wearing it so I need some practice. Have any of you guys got this shade, or something similar? How do you wear it, with a subtle smokey eye or winged liner and a coral blush?

Would live to know what you think! #twolittleowlsblog

4 thoughts on “Ginger and Morange; too much?

  1. fislittleblog

    Am a ginger to, and although I don’t have any lipsticks quite as orange. I do have a subtle coral from the body shop, its called 110 coral blush if you want to google swatches. I love it in the summer when my freckles are out as some how it just adds a nice funky vibe to my face without being too obvious. So maybe just dab the colour on almost like a lip stain and use a lip balm over the top of it to calm it down a bit, and I think waiting for the summer when we have a bit of colour helps, i havent touched my coral since August! Hope this helps x



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