January Pink Parcel

A: So it’s that time of month again, and my Pink Parcel arrived this week as a little reminder. This is now the third parcel that I’ve had, and you can see our other reviews by clicking here.

2015/01/img_5191.jpgPink Parcel is a monthly subscription box which allows you to choose your type of sanitary product to take care of those pesky periods, but also comes with a few treats to make your week a bit more pleasant! Every month, you get a bag with products ‘for now’, a box with products ‘for bedtime’, another box of products ‘for later’ and a finally a box ‘for you’. The ‘for now’ bag is designed to pop into your handbag, and the rest are self explanatory. You can choose either tampons or towels, whichever suits you. In total, I have received 20 daytime towels and 5 nighttime towels – more than enough for what I need.
The ‘for you’ box is the fun part. Pink Parcel put together a selection of goodies for you each month, and this month is a good one!


I received 7 products ‘extra’ this month, which is amazing! Firstly, some Balance Activ pH Balanced Feminine Wipes. I haven’t used a product like this before because I haven’t felt a need to, but I’m sure I’ll give these a go at some point. They don’t really smell of anything but I guess they’d be good for camping etc?
I also received an Earl Grey Tea and Cucumber Scent Melt from Flamingo Candles – a wax melt which is super strongly scented. I wouldn’t say that it smells of cucumber or tea to be honest, it just smells super clean and fresh. I really like products like this so I’m looking forward to using it!
Lastly in the ‘lifestyle’ bunch is a caramel milk chocolate bar from Divine Chocolate. Enough said really, I’m obviously going to throughly enjoy this!
The beauty products in this months Pink Parcel are my favourite part! A Richard Ward Silk Protein Hair Treatment which smells beautiful. I will use this on the ends of my hair mainly, and it’s not a brand I’ve heard of before so I’m looking forward to giving it a go.
Maxfactor False Lash Effect Mascara, something I’ve heard a lot about and a new mascara is always a winner for me. And finally, a Binky London Smooth Coverage Lipstick in Romance. Another brand I haven’t had the chance to try yet but I will be giving this a go as soon as I can, and it is a beautiful shade of red – something a girl always needs in her lipstick collection.

Pink Parcel has a monthly subscription fee of £9.95, but your first month costs just £5.95. This is such a good price for the products that you get, and it makes the usual chore of buying boring sanitary towels or tampons a little more exciting! Plus they know when to send your box out each month as you fill in the dates of your last period before you order, and can make any changes necessary as the months go by. They also offer Teen Parcel now, a great way to introduce teenage girls to periods.
Have you tried Pink Parcel? #twolittleowlsblog


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