TwoLittleOwls New Years Resolutions

A & C: Everyone starts the year with some resolutions that we normally manage to keep for about a month (we went to the gym last Jan… didn’t last long/the boys kept calling us the fat fighters). So we thought, why not share ours with you lovely readers, and then next year (where we will still be blogging hopefully!) we can see how many of them we achieved! Now, these are going to include joint aims for the blog as well as our own personal aims, so lets get started!

TwoLittleOwls Resolutions:

  • Reach 2000 followers (this might be too ambitious… but worth a try!)
  • Go to more blogger meet ups and product launches
  • Start YouTube videos (unlucky for you guys)
  • Meet more bloggers! We love meeting, talking to and getting to know you guys best of all 🙂

Chloe’s Resolutions:

  • My most important one: stop trying to please every body. I have a terrible habit of trying to squeeze in seeing everybody in the world in my one day off and for feeling guilty if I can’t manage it. This New Year we will be saying goodbye to that, and to those people that don’t understand my horrendously busy life.
  • Finish my Masters, hand it in and love life.
  • Move into my new house! L and I bought a new house in November, and we are hoping to finish doing it up (with help of Project Manager Mark) in February time – don’t worry I will be posting a house update soon!!
  • Get a puppy. Immediately. My broodiness has moved to wanting to steal other peoples puppies/babies. I need a puppy for my sanity. (Disclaimer: I don’t really steal small children or animals)
  • Stop thinking I am fat. I’m not fat, I just got booty (/am all about that bass). I don’t want to loose weight, I want to be healthy and maybe cut down on the wine (joke).

Annie’s Resolutions:

  • My most important one: make more time for the people I love. See them more, do more fun things with them, spend time with them. I went for a lunch date with my beautiful cousin this week and it was so much fun, the whole time I was thinking ‘I need to see this girl more’. People have such busy lives, and I get that – but what’s the point in life if you’re not spending it with the people you love? (woah that was a bit deep… soz).
  • Carry on decorating/renovating our home (in secret though so my bf doesn’t notice – he gets a bit grumpy cause I just do things when I’m at home on my own and bored. One Saturday a couple of month’s back, Chloe and I ripped up all the carpets in my house cause I hated them. He worries about leaving me home alone now cause I might get bored of a wall and knock it down). I’m gonna carry on doing it anyway.
  • Work super hard in my new job, (which I start on 5th January!) and enjoy it! I’m so excited because it’s such a good opportunity for me and I want to make sure I make the best of it!
  • Lose a tiny bit of weight. But not till I get a ring on my finger. Not working to something without a goal, I love cheese too much.
  • Post more photos on the blog of my cats. Just because they are beyond amazing and make me so happy.

What are you guys aiming for this next year? We can’t wait to hear! #twolittleowls


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