Blogmas 2014 Day 14 – Share a Christmas Memory

Share a favourite Christmas memory

C: Although I absolutely love Christmas, it is all about children at Christmas time. I used to be so overly excited and wanted it to be Christmas so bad, that my brothers and I used to spend the lead up to Christmas making lists of plans on how we could make time go quicker. But my one memory, that is super funny and my mother always reminds me of is that when I was little I used to wear my best nighty, and make my dad lay the duvet over me super neatly and tuck my teddy bear in bed with me on Christmas Eve night because… I thought that if I looked cuter I would get more presents!!! Yes… I know. Learnt early ha! I honestly thought Santa would peep in and think.. what a lovely girl. I’ll give her an extra prezzie! Clearly this didn’t work, but it was worth a try!

A: My favourite Christmas memory is all the Christmases when I was little. My brother and I used to wake up super early (I still do now because I get so over-excited about Santa coming, I can hardly sleep on Christmas eve and I’m 24!!), and we’d know Santa had been because our Santa sacks would be brimming with pressies. We used drag them into our Mum and Dad’s room and sit on the end of the bed unwrapping to our heart’s content. I’d get the shakes and my Mum would tell me to take a break to stop me from getting too excited. To be honest i still do that too…

What’re your best Christmas memories? #twolittleowlsblog

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