Blogmas 2014 Day 13 – Favourite Christmas TV episodes

Favourite Christmas TV episodes

Christmas TV is always amazing/horrendous – we can’t decide which!

C: I can’t think of any particular episodes, so I am just going to tell you my favourite programmes in general to watch! I have a bad memory… so sorry! I think Christmas is all about watching the classics, such as the Vicar of Dibley, Father Ted, Only Fools and Horses and… The Royal Family. I kind of hate the Royal Family (not the real ones… enjoy those a lot, espesh ol’ Phillip) but L makes me watch it every year and he finds it hilarious. So it is a now tradition for me to moan about it and for him to make me watch it anyway. Seeing him laughing so much at it is worth it though, apart from when he says it is like my family. No idea what he is implying there.

A: My boyfirends family watch the entire box set of Father Ted every Christmas. I literally can’t stand watching it anymore – it drives me crazy! Other than that, we don’t watch anything year on year, but one of our favourite things to do is watch all of the dvd’s we got as presents. This always happens – last year is was The Hangover trilogy and Alpha Papa – which are both super funny. To be honest though, I can pretty much find anything funny if I watch it with my bf – he has the weirdest/loudest/most infectious laugh ever.

What are your favourite Christmas programmes? #twolittleowlsblog


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