Blogmas 2014 Day 12 – Christmas nail art tutorial!

Christmas nail art tutorial

Who doesn’t love a bit of Christmas nail art! We would love to see some of yours too, so make sure you leave us some links in the comment box below!

C: I went for a snowflake inspired Christmas nail look to show you guys, I know everyone always thinks dark or bright colours for Christmas so this is something a little different – perfect for Christmas parties!

photo 1-21

To do this I used these Izabelle Hammon nail wraps on top of a light blue nail polish (I used Essie’s “where’s my chauffeur”).

photo 3-10

And here is the finished look! To do this, all you have to do is file your nails, apply your base coat and the colour you wish to use underneath and let them dry. You then apply your nail sticker to the base of your nail and smooth it out to remove any air/bumpy bits, and then file off the end of the nail sticker. Finish with a long-lasting top coat and you are good to go! I have been wearing these nail wraps for the past 4 days and they still look amazing/haven’t chipped! Love them!

What’s your favourite Christmas nail look? #twolittleowlsblog


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