Blogmas 2014 Day 6 – Share a Christmas Craft

Share a Christmas Craft

A: I try to make a few decorations to go on my tree each year because I think a homemade tree looks so lovely. I mix my own decorations in with shop bought ones too, but here’s a selection of the decorations I’ve made so far this year…





These are so simple and easy to make, and I think they look quite effective. Felt is perfect to make Christmas decorations with because it doesn’t fray and you can just leave it with a raw edge. The robin and holly are made with simple shapes and running stitches, and the heart was the easiest to make because the reindeer is a felt shape I bought from The Range and stitched on! You can buy loads of different bits to help you with Christmas decorations from craft shops, and there’s always lots of inspiration too! One tip though, remember to tuck string or ribbon to hang inside your shape before you’ve finished, they look much tidier on the inside rather than the outside. The eyes are made by using a French knot stitch and I used wadding to pad the heart and the robin out. I also used bells to embellish, because bells are compulsory at Christmas aren’t they?

What’re your favourite Christmas crafts? #twolittleowlsblog

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