OOTD: raiding your nanny’s wardrobe












Dress: Vintage

Coat: Vintage

Shoes: New Look

C: I have always loved vintage, so when my beautiful nanny was having a clear out I obviously got first pick of the goodies (plus they don’t fit anyone else… what a shame). The dress and coat are AMAZING! They fit perfectly, and although I am not normally a dressy up sort of person during the day, I would totally wear this to a Christmas party. I was so pleased with these photos – Annie’s photography skills obvs – that I took them round to show my nanny and she was super excited that we were using her clothes! So crack on and make your nanny’s (and your wardrobes) happy, have a little looksie into those old closets and see if you can find some gems!

A: This is such an unusual look for Chloe, but I adore it. Normally she’s kicking around in her Doc Martens (see here!), but she looks so elegant and sophisticated in this outfit (say whattt?!). Her Nanny has SUCH a beautiful taste in clothes, and they fit Chloe perfectly. She is so lucky! And back in the day, clothes were made to be flattering – and this coat and dress really are. The beautiful beading on the dress is still in prefect condition, and the fabric looks brand new. Plus the coat is beyond amazing. We were pretty pleased with how these pictures turned and, and we are both convinced that it’s a result of THE coat (no offence Chloe). Sometimes, vintage just works in such a beautiful way!

What do you think to Chloe’s ootd? #twolittleowls



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