Blogmas 2014 – Day 3!

Favourite Christmas Movies!

A & C: Christmas movies are always a winner for us, and it’s so hard to pick favourites but here are our top choices.


Fred Claus

A: I pretty much love all of Vince Vaughn’s films (Wedding Crashers is obvs my fave), but this one really is SO good.

C: Vince Vaughn.  Christmas film. What’s not to like?



A: It’s actually illegal to not like this film isn’t it? Watching Elf whilst wrapping presents is a tradition in our house!

C: Elf is my absolute favourite Christmas film. It is hilarious, and essential viewing every year. I even bought an Elf Christmas t-shirt this year, so watch out for that bad boy!


The Grinch

A: Okay this still scares me. And I’m 24. But it’s just SO Christmassy!

C: I was so scared of this when I first watched it, and I still am a bit… at least Annie and I are wimps together! I love Jim Carrey though, he is hilarious!

What are your favourite Christmas films? Click here to see our full Blogmas schedule! #twolittleowlsblog

P.S Writing this has made us way too excited to watch Christmas movies. We wanna go watch all the Christmas movies in the world right now! We also forgot the Home Alone films… which we do not think are exclusively for Christmas, but are awesome all the same.

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