Blogmas 2014 – Day 1!


A & C: Happy December everyone!! We are SO super excited for Christmas this year (we think we both actually make each other wayyy too excited, our bf’s really appreciate it!), so we have decided to do Blogmas! The lovely louiseamy is taking part too (she describes herself as being ‘aggressively excited for Christmas’ – amazing), you can head over to her blog for the lowdown! If you decide to take part too, make sure you use the hashtag #blogmas2k14 so we can check out your posts too!

So here’s a list of what to post for Blogmas – you don’t have to stick to it like it’s the law, we will be posting our normal reviews/ootd’s/beauty and fashion posts too, but also posting Blogmas.

1st – Tell us what you did last Christmas

2nd – Share a Christmas recipe

3rd – Favourite Christmas movies

4th – Share a Christmas craft

5th – What are your favourite books to revisit during the holidays?

6th – What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

7th – Share a holiday makeup look

8th – Favourite Christmas food

9th – Share a Christmas recipe

10th – The best Christmas gift you ever received

11th – What is your favourite thing about where you live at Christmas time?

12th – Christmas nail art tutorial

13th – Favourite Christmas TV episodes

14th – Share a favourite Christmas memory

15th – Share some Christmas outfits

16th – Favourite Christmas music

17th – Share your day with us

18th – What’s the gift wrapping looking like this year?

19th – DIY Christmas ornament

20th – A Christmas day makeup look

21st – Favourite Christmas photos

22nd – What does the festive season mean to you?

23rd – Favourite Christmas scenes from movies/TV that aren’t Christmas specific.

24th – Let’s talk traditions – what are your favourites and which cultural traditions do you wish you did?

25th – Describe your Christmas day to us

So lets get started by sharing what we did last year for Christmas!

C: every Christmas Eve we always go to my Aunties house for a little party with my Dad’s side of the family. My dad eats and drinks too much, and my older brother always has too much garlic bread and then can’t sleep. Family tradition. We then go home and have a Baileys before bed! Both L and I stayed at my parents last year so we woke up their on Christmas morning and opened our presents together/ate lots of bagels and smoked salmon for breakfast. We then went to see his parents and drove down to Sheffield to have Christmas with the rest of his family. That was my first year away from my family = being a grown up!

A: I like to throw a bit of a party on Christmas eve, with my boyfriend and I’s family. We have a tiny home though, so feeding 25+ people isn’t easy – last year I made pies in mugs because it meant that people didn’t have to faf about with plates etc! We also drink snowballs and mulled wine (against the law not to!). We headed to my father-in-law (to be)’s house early on Christmas morning, so we could be with Jim’s family and little niece and nephew whilst opening prezzies! We then headed to my family’s for dinner, and spent the afternoon with them.

So will you guys be joining us for blogmas? Let us know if you are!! #twolittleowlsblog

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