The New Feature: Beauty Snooping

C: so something new for you all today… basically I had the genius idea to snoop round other peoples bathroom and see what beauty products they use. I love looking at what other people use, as its great for getting new ideas for products and I’m super nosey. So now I have an excuse for being nosey as well as spending money, as its “for the blog”. Obviously, not many people want me looking through their bathrooms… so I am starting with my mother. She doesn’t know I have done this, so lets be super glad she doesn’t read this and hope my sister doesn’t tell her. Okay. Lets get started!

photo 1-13

Every year my mum says she doesn’t know what she wants for Christmas, so every year my dad gets her Estee Lauder perfume and the matching body lotion. Then every year she says “oh what a lovely surprise, I wasn’t expecting anything”, when clearly she knew she would get this bad boy. Don’t you just love parents? I love the smell of this, but its too “mature” for me just because it reminds me of my mum and I have a mental age of about 12 years so I like to smell like sweets. The body lotion is lovely though, it sinks in very quickly and is delicately scented (I use a bit every time I visit).

photo 2-15

Next up we have the Clinique 3 Step system, my mum has always used this and the Dramatically different moisturising gel is still my Holy Grail moisturiser. Obviously mums know best, and I won’t bang on about these as we posted a review here.

photo 3-6

Lastly (she doesn’t wear make up, she is “beautiful enough without” apparently) we have Green Peoples Shampoo & Conditioner. She loves this, she said that this is perfect for her sensitive scalp as it doesn’t irritate her so she can use it every day. Obviously for research purposes I had to try these out whilst I was at my parental’s and I loved them. They are unscented, which is strange at first but actually quite pleasant to use. My hair felt fresh and clean, didn’t get greasy the next day and was perfect for my sensitive skin. Unfortunately she might be right once again, so I might have to purchase these for myself!

Hope you guys like this post, will be having a search through the mother in laws stash soon if I am allowed. So there will be more make up items featured! Let us know what you think #twolittleowls


6 thoughts on “The New Feature: Beauty Snooping

  1. Kaily

    You are too funny! I’m so glad (and a little less ashamed) that I’m not the only one who does this! I’ve discovered some of my favorite hair products from snooping in girlfriends bathrooms!



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