Halloween Sugar Skull Make-Up Tutorial

C: we both got a little bit too excited last night and decided to have a quick practice of our halloween make up. This is not as neat as I will do it on the night, I just wanted to get an idea of what I am going to do and whether or not I was being too adventurous with my ideas! So here is my first attempt:


Apologies for the blurry photo! Apparently my iPhone isn’t happy with me for dropping him. Lets get started on how I achieved this horrendous (and difficult to remove) look:

1. I applied my primer/foundation/concealer as usual to provide a clear and smooth base. I then used a pale setting powder to make myself look paler than usual.

2. I used black eyeshadow to do my contouring, applying obviously more than usual and blending it both up my forehead and down my chinny chin chin.

3. Eyes next! (I actually did my nose first, but learnt this is a bad idea because I kept smudging it whilst doing my eyes… don’t do that). I drew a circle round my eyes using the top of my eyebrows as a guide so they were even. I then used coloured eyeliner to draw the patterns round and then applied a similarly bright eye shadow on top to brighten it even more. I then filled in the eye holes with black eye shadow.

4. I drew on my nose, leaving a gap down the middle. I would recommend you don’t get your nose pierced before doing this as it will make your life awkward and then you spend two days trying to not have black eye shadow stuck in your nose piercing. Not pleasant.

5. I then decided my face was too boring so drew the triangles down my forehead in black eye liner and the heart on my chin. Definitely using liquid eye liner next time to get a neater line!

6. Lipstick of choice. I know a lot of people draw the line things down your lips. But if you are going to a party where you plan on eating or drinking at some point that is wayyyy too much maintenance to keep drawing on. Go for a dark lipstick instead! If you apply concealer to your lips before hand, it will show up the darker colour even better 🙂

What are you guys dressing up as for Halloween? Let us know (we might treat you to an OOTD if you are all lucky!) #twolittleowls


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