Our First Blogging Event: #bloggersfestival

A & C: on Saturday (6th September) we were invited by Scarlett London to our very first bloggers event! We absolutely loved it, and wanted to share our experience with you lovely followers, so apologies in advance for the large amount of photos and excited rambling that may be associated with the next few posts from us – we’ve decided to break the weekend down into a 2 or 3 posts because we managed to fit in so many exciting things.

First of all the event took place at Paramount, Centre Point in London. Probably one of the most amazing venues we have ever seen! The views were amazing and we felt super posh going to an event in such an amazing building.

photo 1

As we came out of the lift (floor 31!) we were greeted by waitresses with raspberry and strawberry champagne.

photo 2

We then went round the many different brands areas, which included: Quiz Clothing, Urban Outfitters, BeeGood UK, Izabelle Hammon, Want Her Dress, Very, Lee Stafford, Ecco, Minimum, Oriflame (who brought along Gary Cockerill to do makeovers!), Sweet Pizzas and Search Labs. We took so many photos that we shall be posting about them in a separate post, so we can show you their future collections and the items we loved.

photo 1-6

As it was our first blogging event we were unsure of what to expect but it was such a brilliant day. If you haven’t been to a meet up before, it is amazing for networking with brands as well as meeting lots of like minded people (you can take strange pictures/selfies without everyone thinking you are a weirdo). It was great to chat to lots of other bloggers, especially Beth (from Beauty in Beta) and Monica (from MothLoves) both bloggers who we follow and love – check out their blogs, you won’t regret it! We now have plenty of inspiration for posts as well as finding some lovely new blogs to read.

photo 3

Here’s an obligatory selfie we took whilst we were at the event, looking pretty happy with ourselves. Annie’s hair was super ginger, but she went for the classic winged eyeliner and a matte lipstick in a brownish/nude. Chloe was very daring and wore bright purple lipstick with a grey and silver smokey eye and winged liner. Let us know if you would like a post on how we created these looks!

We have to admit, this is a bit of a teaser post; we shall be posting about all of the amazing brands that showcased and our super exciting goody bags, as well as the rest of our weekend in London in the next few days – so keep following!

Let us know what you think! #twolittleowls

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Email: twolittleowls@hotmail.co.uk

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