Floral Nail Art from Born Pretty Store

A & C: We were lucky enough to be contacted by Born Pretty Store a couple of months ago about some product reviews, they asked us to choose two products to test and review on our blog. We chose the Quirky Arabesque Nail Stamp Plate, which you can see here, and the Nail Art Water Decals in the Enchanting Floral Pattern. Born Pretty Store also gave us a discount code for you lovely readers – keep reading to find out more!


We loved the colours in the floral stickers and decided to choose the cream version – or SH02 as shown above. When the product arrived we were super excited as we hadn’t ever used anything like this before. We had both used the nail art which is shaped to your nail and you just stick on and file down, but these aren’t very long lasting so we hoped that the water decals would be better.

The size of the product is a little small, and because we both wanted to use it and review it – we chose to only use the nail art on our statement fingers. We did the usual clean, file, buff etc in preparation for this and applied a clear base coat. We then chose two colours from our collections which worked well with the pattern – Bourjois Ultra Shine in Beige Glamour 27 and OPI in Don’t Mess With OPI. We started with applying the decal – it can be a little fiddly and we didn’t want to risk doing it with just-painted-nails! We cut out a shape as close to our nail as possible and then soaked it in water for 10 – 20 seconds. Tweezers are super helpful with this, and we used a little ramekin of water to soak the decal – ingenious idea from Chloe. We were a little worried about using tweezers because we thought the transfer part of the decal would be really fragile but it was actually surprisingly strong.

After soaking, we placed the decal onto our chosen nail and positioned it with the tweezers – which did take a bit of practice. Once held into place and dry, we applied a top coat and then used the green and pink for the rest of our nails.

photo 2 (1) photo 

We were so pleased with the finished look. Admittedly, it is a little tricky to do for an every day look but for a party or something special this is lovely, and we really liked using the contrasting colours too. This decal was $1.99 which is super cheap but as we said already it is a little small so if you are planning on doing all of your nails you would be best to buy more than one. The decals are really long lasting – Chloe’s stayed in without any touch ups for two whole weeks! Amazing!

As mentioned earlier Born Pretty Store have also very generously given us a 10% discount code for you lovely readers – with free delivery too! They are based in America so the postage would take a little longer for you UK readers, but the free postage makes it worth it! The code is TL10K31 and to head to their website, click here.


What do you think? Have you tried nail art like this? #twollittleowlsblog

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