August Pink Parcel

C: something a little different today, I received my pink parcel this morning! I had been looking round at different subscription boxes and this one jumped out at me. I had never heard of it before, but basically… it’s for your lady problems! For £5.95 intro price and £9.95 each month afterwards they send you your monthly essentials (currently only tampons but pads will apparently be available soon) as well as some extra treats to cheer you up. So here is what the box looks like:

photo 1-5


So first up the box is super discreet, so those of you who are embarrassed/like to be discreet about this sort of thing have no worries about the neighbours or other people you live with realising what you got – it also comes in a white plastic covering with just your address on. It is a little bigger than I thought it would be, but still thin enough to fit through the letter box.

photo 2-6


Inside it is really nicely packaged, with a little drawer string bag to pop in your handbag. It contains plenty of tampons – probably more than you would need (better than not enough!) with the two “for later” boxes being full as well. I think I received 25 – I’m not an excellent counter. And then… the best part! In the “for you” box there are some little treats to make that time of the month a little bit better. Here is what I got:

photo 3-2


I received a sample of Bio Oil – something that I have never used before but have heard amazing things about. I don’t really have any stretch marks etc but I see how this fits in with the theme!

I also got a little bar of chocolate and a sample tea bag from Tea Pigs for a little treat ( I ate it already… it was good). As well as a pink “Binky” nail polish. According to Annie this is someone from Made in Chelsea, but I have never heard of it/her so thats a fail apparently! 

Lastly I received a ROC 50ml facial sunscreen and lip balm. Perfect for this time of year and I will get plenty of use out of – if the sun ever comes out again!

So anyway… have any of you guys heard of Pink Parcel? I quite liked my first box and love trying new stuff out for the blog, but I haven’t decided whether to carry on subscribing yet so let me know what you think? #twolittleowlsblog

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16 thoughts on “August Pink Parcel

    1. twolittleowlsblog Post author

      I also receive a Birchbox each month, if it is the beauty products you are looking for then you seem to receive more make up/beauty items with Birchbox (but this is my first pink parcel so I can only comment based on that!) I have not tried ipsy before though! Let us know what you decide! ps. if you fancy trying them out pink parcel are cheaper for your first trial month? that might help! x

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    1. Little Owl

      Hi Jacquelyn,
      We are a new tampon delivery company called Sanitary Owl ( and are soon to launch our pads selection. We’re owl about our customers and are keen to hear exactly what it is they’d be after, so if you have a spare second of your day please do get in touch, Owl’s always keen to hear from you!

      Little Owl x


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