Nail Art from Born Pretty Store

A & C: Last month we received a lovely email from the team at Born Pretty Store asking us to take our pick of some of their products for a review. They also have us a unique 10% discount code for all of you lovely readers and followers – keep reading to find out what it is! We chose two samples, so we will be doing two posts.
Today, we are going to review the Quirky Arabesque Nail Stamp Plate, which you can find here.


So this looked super fun to use and we were really excited about it. Chloe chose a classic black and white, from Leighton Denny and MUA. Annie chose a pale green from MUA and a turquoise from MAC.
After the basic filing, buffing, shaping and base coats, we painted our nails in a base colour and let it dry completely. The next bit is the tricky part – you have to be pretty quick. We added the second colour to the stamp in a thin layer, then scraped off any excess and pushed on a rubber stamp to the section of the stamp we had painted. When you lift it off, you’re left with a copy of the print which you then apply to your nail. This transfers the print really precisely.
We won’t lie, it is a little tricky to use at first but we think we will improve after practice. We’ve taken photos of our first attempts, just so you can see how the effect – please bear in mind we are still practising! We aren’t nail technicians, we have no training whatsoever but we just like trying new things with our nails – if we can do this with a little patience, anyone can!

Chloe’s finished look…


Annie’s finished look…


Conclusion: Although this stamp does take a bit of time to perfect, it gives such a unique and individual look when it’s finished. Every time you use this, it will look different because of the different patterns on the stamp. You can use so many different combinations of colours and textures to create different looks, and it would be really good for a special occasion. Yes it takes a little time to get right, but we think the finished look is totally worth it – especially for such a bargain price!

As we mentioned before, Born Pretty Store have given is a unique discount code which gives you all 10% off! The code is TL10K31, there’s so any lovely products on their site – take a look by clicking here. They are based in America but their delivery charges are pretty reasonable, but free if you use the discount code. Plus, they have summer sale on the website at the moment with up to 80% off items in Nail Art and loads of other fun stuff.

Please let us know if you order anything, and look out for our next review of their Flowery Decals – they are unbelievably pretty!!

Have you tried any nail stamps? What do you think to our first go? #twolittleowlsblog


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