A summer sales haul!

C: as it was my first day off work (week off wahooo!) and my birthday week I thought I would pop in to town, get some jobs done and have a look around the sales. Annie of course came and met me on my lunch break as she also cannot resist a bit of shopping/seeing my lovely (sweaty) face.


First up is this amazing maxi skirt from New Look which was only £10! We are going glamping in Norfolk for the weekend on Friday so this will be perfect for those warm summer nights around the fire. It is a lovely thin material too so I won’t be too hot!

I then got this amazing top from Dorothy Perkins for £10, an absolute bargain when it is all black and gold sequins. If you are a regular reader you will know that we both love anything flowery or glittery, so Annie was super jealous that I found this first!

Annie had bought these pyjama shorts from Store 21 (I had never heard of it either) last week and after trying them on/stealing them I decided to get my own pair. They are lovely and loose/thin so perfect for these hot summer nights (and only £3.99!).

Lastly I went into Sainsburys to do my food shopping and they had some amazing offers on their candles. This one was only £2.10 reduced down from £7! I picked up the vanilla flavour (A: “its scent not flavour” – same thing) as L moans if I get anything else but they had some lovely scents available. I think this jar will look lovely on my coffee table, and it has 3 wicks inside so will create a lovely atmosphere!

Have you guys got anything amazing in the summer sales? Let us know! #twolittleowlsblog

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