July Birchbox: Sun, Sea & Sand


A: if you’re one of our lovely followers, you’ll probably have seen Chloe’s July Birchbox first impressions a few days ago (if not you can find it here). Although I got the same in my July box, here’s my first impressions…

WELEDA MILLET NOURISHING SHAMPOO. Full size is £8.95, sample value is £0.85.
I’m a massive fan of this brand and I’m hoping this is going to be as good as it’s smells! It’s is a pretty small sample and I’ll probably only get one use out of it, but I’m looking forward to reviewing it!

BALANCE ME WONDER EYE CREAM. Full size is £20, sample value is £9.33.
I don’t actually use an eye cream in my beauty regime, but I will be adding this in to see if there’s any major advantages I’m missing out on.

LAQA & CO SHEER LIP LUBE PENCIL IN MENATOUR. Full size is £14.00, sample value is £7.57.
Okay I am going to be totally honest about this…it’s a horrible colour. I’m really surprised I got sent this colour because I’ve filled in my surveys on the Birchbox website and I can’t speak for all gingers out there but for me, purple is 100% a no go for lipstick. Or anything actually. Plus it’s got a really weird mint scent?! I won’t ever use this. Unless I’m going to a fancy dress party as a crazy witch/Ursula from The Little Mermaid.

GILCHRIST & SOAMES ENGLISH SPA SEA KELP EXTRACT MINERAL BATH. Full size is £11.25, sample value is £1.90
This is a pretty well known brand, and it smells lovely. It’s a pretty good sample size too, and in a hot bath I’m sure it’s going to be perfect for relaxing.

WHISH THREE WISHES LAVENDER BODY BUTTER. Full size is £14.50, sample value is £2.13.
I was a little dubious about this, although I love lavender – it is a little old lady-ish. But it doesn’t really smell of lavender – it actually smells super yummy. I almost want to eat it. I’ll be popping this in my handbag to use as a hand cream, and it should last a while because it’s a good size!

ULTRADEX ORAL SPRAY. Full size which is worth £3.65.
This was my favourite product this month, which is a little weird as it’s classed as the lifestyle extra. I’ve already tested it and it tastes really good!

The total value of this months box is £25.43, and it cost £12.95 including p&p – this is really good value and Birchbox even included a sneak peek card of what’s going to be included in the August box which is exciting! I’m reasonably happy with this months box, but the theme of Sun, Sea & Sand was a little off as I can’t see how the products follow this.

What did you receive in your Birchbox this month? #twolittleowls

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Instagram: twolittleowlsblog

Email: twolittleowls@hotmail.co.uk


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