Our Favourite June Instagram Moments

A & C: June is nearly over which means we are closer to getting out the jumpers and wooly hats ( we know we shouldn’t be wishing away the summer but jumpers and wooly hats are exciting!). We thought we would put together a collage of our favourite June moments, just for you all to enjoy!

Quite a few exciting things happened this month, we went to a Summer Ball so we had exciting outfits and make up to plan. We also had our Birchbox deliveries, which is always something to look forward to!
We both had a couple of cute ootd’s, and wishlists for the summer – which featured topshop, a standard in a wishlist for us! Our lipstick collections were assessed – and we both decided we obviously need to buy more. Chloe discovered a new brand, mother number 2 got her a Kiko cosmetics lipstick and nail varnish from Italy, click here to find out more!
Last but not least, the Cosmo Blog Awards competition closed this month and we appreciate every single one of your votes – it means so much to us and we love to hear your feedback!

What are your June highlights? #twolittleowls

Twitter: twolittleowls1

Instagram: twolittleowlsblog

Email: twolittleowls@hotmail.co.uk

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