Review: Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean

C: I received this 3 in 1 wash off deep purifying cleanser in a gift set for Christmas which unfortunately got lost in my stash and forgotten about. After finding this bad boy about a month ago I think I have put it to a fair test and I’m ready to share my thoughts with you guys!


This is a really simple product to use, all you do is apply a couple of pumps to your face and neck every evening/morning and then remove with water to de clog and cleanse your skin.

So how did it do? I really liked this (the scent was unexpected, I can’t smell peaches and think it smells more minty but still pleasant) it does not remove make up so I used this after my Bioderma but it really helped sort out my blemishes. A week after use my blackheads had disappeared and my blemishes were seriously reduced. Amazing.

I also used this as a quick mask some mornings by applying two pumps to clean dry skin and allowing it to sink in for 2-3 minutes. This quick treat really helped shrink my pores and it did not irritate my sensitive skin. So overall a multi tasking product that suits all skin types. What more could you want?

Have any of you guys tried this from S&G? #twolittleowlsblog

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13 thoughts on “Review: Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean

      1. clurrrrr

        I need to restock I’m running out. I got your tshirt too! I’ll post a picture soon. Getting a new phone Monday cause the front camera on my phone at the moment is crap! X


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