An evening out with Chloe and Annie

C & A: so last night, we went to a ball in our local town. We had been pretty excited about this for a long while because it’s a good excuse to get all dressed up, and who doesn’t like getting dressed up? We bought our dresses a couple of months ago (and posted about them here) and we were booked in with Chloe’s lovely sister-in-law to have our hair done. We both went for a similar look (surprisingly…) which was curly, with some plaits and waves – a bit of a boho vibe. Here’s the finished result;

We then headed to Chloe’s house to finish the transformation (neither of us had any make up on and couldn’t look in the mirror at our hair properly because we just kept looking at the lack of make up). First job was to choose some music to get ready to. The obvious choice was the frozen soundtrack, which made us feel like Disney princesses so we did some dancing.

After we calmed down, we moved onto the important work. Make up. We will give you a full low down tomorrow of how we created our looks, but for now here’s the final product.

We don’t scrub up too bad do we?

After a glass of prosecco, we were dressed and ready to go.

Annie chose some huge statement earrings from H&M and a gold cuff for accessories, and Chloe went for a statement necklace from Dorothy Perkins with two gold bangles. We both wore flat sandals (thank god – it was super warm last night and I don’t think we could’ve handled heels with all the dancing!).

We had a really lovely evening, thank you to Chloe’s lovely in-laws for inviting us because it was so much fun.

Just to keep you entertained, here’s some funny photos. You’ll probably notice it’s virtually impossible for us to both look remotely normal in a photo…And our other halves are just as bad. We did manage to get a few nice ones though!













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