How ‘Bout Them Apples – A Birchbox Review

A & C: We recently received these super cute samples in our Birchboxes and after giving them a whirl we are ready to share our thoughts with you guys! We both received the colour “Pie” which does not seem to be available on its own but the palette containing 6 shades is £26 from Birchbox.


C: so firstly… how super adorable is this packaging? I love the BALM’s vintage feel packaging and I especially like that all the colours have apple themed names. I’m unsure on the naked men part but we won’t get in to that. So how did the product work? I have never used a cheek creme/cream blusher before so I cannot compare it too other formulas but I can say how easy it was to apply for a newbie. I dotted a little on my cheeks and then blended with my Real Techniques blusher brush and it lasted all day! I also tried it as a lip colour and I really liked it for that as well. It was a little bit drying on the lips and lasted about 2 hours, which for a multi-use product is pretty good going!

A: I really like the BALM’s products that I have had before in my Birchbox so I was really excited to receive this in my box this month, especially because I have been lusting after a cream blusher for ages. I wouldn’t normally choose this colour to go with my skin tone because it is pink based and I usually go for a brownish toned blusher but this is actually really lovely against my skin tone. I took the same approach as Chloe (except I did it as soon as I opened my box – I get way too excited about new things and have to use the straight away but Chloe has to save them…little bit strange), and dotted onto my cheeks and blended with a brush and found that it lasted all day because if it’s staining quality, but it was also easy to remove with make up remover. I do prefer to use it on my cheeks rather than on my lips, the whole dual use thing freaks me out a bit and although the shade looks good on my cheeks, it looks totally wrong on my lips. I would quite like to use the ‘crisp’ colour as a lip stain, and I really like the idea of being able to buy the whol palette so you get a choice every day – what more could you want!!

Have you tried this or any other products from the BALM? #twolittleowls


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