Challenge: A photo and hour for one day!

Challenge: A photo an hour for one day!

A & C: After seeing several amazing posts that bloggers had done for this challenge we decided to have a go at it ourselves! As we were both off yesterday for Bank holiday Monday it was the perfect time to have the day together to do it! So here goes!

8.00 – I had stayed over at Annie’s the night before and as usual we didn’t manage a lie in and were up bright and early! Here’s a picture of Ted who came to say good morning/steal the duvet.


9.00 – celebratory drinks were considered as I was no longer on call and could drink! We decided it was a bit early, but it’s nice to have the option!

photo 1(4)

10.00 – we loved this photo, we were trying to get ready and just couldn’t decide what to wear – we blame the weather being too unpredictable.

photo 2(4)

11.00 – Breakfast time! We had to wait until 10.00 for our local farm shop to be open so breakfast was a bit late today!


12.00 – driving to the shops (only minorly distracted Annie from driving, took photo in the car park – health & safety first of course)

photo 3

13.00 – After a massive breakfast sweets were of course needed, we got ice creams too but we were so excited we ate those before remembering to take a photo!


14.00 – Tie dying materials have been purchased.


15.00 – Tie-dying has begun – along with a sneaky bank holiday cider!

photo 4

16.00 – Clearly we spent too much time tie-dying…


17.00- The finished articles!


18.00 – Ted was tired out by all the tie-dying. It’s tough being a cat.


19.00 – we had to eat tea in Annie’s living room as her boyfriend Jim had just finished fitting her new floor and apparently “it feels so nice on my feet, I need to sit in my new living room” ha!


20.00 – slippers and fire on, time to chill with L and get ready to watch Bear Grylls’ “The Island”


Something a bit different from us today, but we hope you enjoyed it! Let us know if you decide to take up the challenge! #twolittleowlsblog

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