Evening Skincare Routine

C: so yesterday I posted about my morning routine (here) which is quite quick and simple as I would rather spend an extra 10 minutes asleep! So here are the products I use in the evening:


So I start off by cleansing and removing all of my make up with Lush’s Ultrbland (for a full review click here). This stuff is amazing and perfect for any skin type. It removes all make up, is gentle enough to apply to the eye area and it won’t bring you out in spots. What more could you want from a make up remover/cleanser.

Then a couple of times a week I either use the Queen Helene Mint Julep face mask (reviewed here) or Soap & Glory’s Fab Pore mask which I shall be doing a review on very soon. These are both aimed at clearing your pores and masks are a great skin treatment to refresh and deep clean your skin.

Once I have thoroughly removed the mask I use Lush’s Tea Tree Toner. Perfect for anyone with spots/problem skin and this even removes any left over make up.

I then apply a face serum from Aldi (yes Aldi!) called the Multi Intense Serum – Aqua. This stuff gives an extra layer of moisture as well as makes my skin nice and glowy (in a good way).

Lastly I apply my Clinique moisturiser that I mentioned yesterday to make sure I don’t have any horrid dry patches in the morning ready for my make up! Layering up a serum and a moisturiser is brilliant, and works better than just re-applying the moisturiser several times!

So that’s it for my skincare routine! Simple but effective! Obviously some of these products change as I am testing/trying out new things but these are what currently work for me! Let us know what you think! #twolittleowlsblog

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Email: twolittleowls@hotmail.co.uk

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