Morning Skincare Routine

C: now I am in no way saying that I am a beauty expert, but one thing I do know quite a lot on is skin care. After years of struggling to find products that work for my skin I have tried so many different things (that both work and don’t!). I helped Annie sort out her skin care routine a while ago, so we thought it would be a nice idea to share my routine and products for anyone who is struggling to find a solution for them!

Please keep in mind that I have dry, sensitive skin that is prone too break outs and blocked pores. I think these products would be suitable for anyone with similar skin/problems and will make suggestions for other skin types where I can!


So first up I like to wash my face whilst in the shower and I have been using the Simple Moisturising Facial Wash. This stuff never irritates my skin or causes me to break out in spots, it just gives a nice start to the morning – clean skin! I think this product would be suitable for any type of skin.

Next I use the No7 Beautiful Skin cleansing lotion to make sure all dirt is removed and my skin is thoroughly cleansed (Or the panda eyes from Benefits They’re Real is removed – impossible to get it all off I swear). Once again another product that can be used every day and doesn’t irritate. I am not sure whether this would be too much for someone with oily skin – I would suggest a cleansing lotion or Micellar Water cleanser may be more appropriate but my skin personally needs the moisture.

Every other day instead of the cleansing lotion I use Lush’s Let The Good Times Roll (which we reviewed in full here), which is an exfoliating cleanser. This is so gentle I can use it every other day, removing any dry skin patches and ensuring my foundation applies nicely. Would recommend for any skin type, and it multi tasks as an exfoliator for your body too!

A couple of times a week I use the Clinique Clarifying Lotion. This literally removes every speck of dirt/make up from your face. Even after a double cleanse this bad boy can find some more – genius. This is too strong for using on my skin regularly so I just used it every now and again to clear out my pores. I think this would be perfect for anyone whose skin is less sensitive and if you go to a Clinique counter they will match one to your skin type for you!

Last up is the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel. I use this every day and it is the only moisturiser I think I will ever use. Its amazing. For a full review please click here.

I hope you have found this post helpful, if you have any questions about these products or need some recommendations (or have some for me!) please do comment. I have be posting my night time routine tomorrow! #twolittleowlsblog

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