Models Own Scented Nail Polish

C: being a slave to advertising and anything that’s remotely pretty I recently accidentally bought the Models Own scented nail polish in grape. I had never used a scented nail varnish before so I thought it would be a nice spring themed review for your bank holiday Mondays! Although I previously mentioned it in my Spring Nail Colours post, I did not give it a full review.



So here is a horrendous picture of my (apparently red) hands, featuring the lovely lilac nail polish and my stripy bed sheets. I absolutely love this colour, and it is perfect for the sunny weather. If you are looking too invest in a new nail polish this Spring I would recommend a pastel lilac as the colour.

The nail varnish is easy to apply (although I obviously still manage to paint my cuticles and rest of my hands – the mother in law aka the nail varnish police would not be impressed by these skills!) and is a smooth formula. You only need two coats to achieve this effect.

So scented nail polish…. confusing concept. The first time I used this I was in the library obviously doing lots of work and sniffing nail polish – not recommended, you get funny looks – and I couldn’t smell a thing. I then applied two coats of this and a top coat and wondered once again why I couldn’t smell a thing. Then Annie informed me that obviously if you apply a top coat I wouldn’t.. duh! So the next time I didn’t and it smells amazing! Absolutely love it! It smells like a bubblegum version of grape (once again people think its weird if you make them sniff your hands – the boyfriend was very suspicious of this).

However, I do not find that it lasts long without chipping if you do not used a top coat. This may be because I spend most of my time washing up, but I had to choose between sniffing my hands all day long and a top coat. Tough decisions.

Have you guys ever used a scented nail polish? What did you think? #twolittleowlsblog

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5 thoughts on “Models Own Scented Nail Polish

  1. Nature's Pulchritude

    I’ve tried a scented nail polish before. The concept is intriguing, but if the smell is too strong and lingers too long it can be a headache (literally and figuratively). I’ve read some mixed things about scented polish and top coat. Some say using top coat prolongs the scent, others say it masks it. I give it a few hours to wear the scent off then apply top coat, but the scent really depends on the brand.

    Nature’s Pulchritude


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