Holiday Haul

A: Yesterday was a good day for me, I went on a bit of a shopping spree with some birthday money I had been given as an early present. Because I’m going on holiday next week, I though I might as well treat myself to some new holiday essentials. I’d already had an idea of what I wanted (and posted a wishlist last week), and although I didnt get exactly what was on my list – I’m still super happy!


I bought way too much stuff and some of it was just normal holiday essentials, but I took pictures of the fun stuff for you!

The strange wonderous tassely capey thing is from Primark and is going to be perfect for a poolside cover up (it also makes me feel amazing when I wear it, my boyfriend thinks I’m really weird for wearing it around the house though…). Chloe spotted this and it was a bargain for £15.

Next, I found this lovely shift dress for £13 and this cream maxi skirt with a lace panel on the front for £10. These are both from Primark too, it’s the perfect shop for holiday buys!!

I had found my perfect sandals on the Topshop website but I wanted to try them before I bought them. Unfortunately my local shop didn’t have any but I found these gorgeous leather sandals in Office instead. I really like these, and I love the colour – they won’t match much of my clothes but this is a bonus for me! I hate coordinating! They look like they’re going to be really comfy too, and they were £32 without my 10% student discount so a super bargain!

What are your holiday must haves? #twolittleowls

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