Clinique Haul!


A: so today was a pretty mementous day, I lost my Clinique virginity. I know, I’ve only ever used Chloe’s left over samples but I have had such bad skin recently that I thought I ought to take the plunge! The saleswoman was so helpful at my local Boots shop and knew exactly what I needed to help my skin. I opted for the anti-blemish solutions 3-step-system which has 3 products; a cleansing foam, a clarifying lotion and an all over clearing treatment. I also went for the anti-blemish clearing gel because I’ve used this in the past and loved it. But even more exciting than that; I got a free gift because I bought two items! This is an exclusive Clinique Bonus Time offer that Boots are running in store until 29th of March and it’s amazing!

clinique 2

I got so many extra goodies that all came in the really cute tin, I can’t wait to use them all and let you know what I think to them!

Have you tried the anti-blemish solutions system? #twolittleowls

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5 thoughts on “Clinique Haul!

  1. goodniamhning

    I’ve tried the anti-blemish solutions, it really helped my skin! I used it for around 2 years when I was around 21 and was the only thing I would use. Now I’m 25 (ancient) my acne isn’t as bad and I really credit this regime to helping me clear some of my most stubborn areas! Now I’m trying to find things that help just with the last few and the scarring that remains. Hope it works as well for you as it did for me! If you have time please check out my blog as I’ve just started out 🙂


    1. twolittleowlsblog Post author

      Aww I’m really hoping it works out for me as well as it did for you! We will head over to your blog too, thanks for the tip 🙂

      Love Annie x

      P.s I’m 24 in a few weeks so 25 definitely can’t be ancient!


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