modelsown nail varnishes: a review

A & C: So we have been lusting after these modelsown speckled egg nail varnishes, and we got some in our latest haul as they were on offer in Boots (any 2 items from modelsown for £8 – bargain). We both got different colours so thought we would share a photo and our thoughts with you!


C: This is delightfully large picture of my manly hands. Fortunately the beautiful nail varnish makes up for the hands! I got the “Duck” colour which is a beautiful pale blue (naming then after birds is adorable!) with black specks through out, a perfect colour for Spring! I really liked this nail varnish, it was easy to apply (I thought it would be a bit like applying glitter nail varnish but it was a smooth and quick process) and most importantly it lasted a long time. It even survived the dreaded washing up test – the boyfriend doesn’t agree that if you have painted your nails you can’t possibly wash up.

annies nails

A: I chose the “Magpie” green (I need to stop buying green nail varnishs but I just can’t help it!), and I was also surprised by how smoothly it applied. It did last a suprisingly long time and didn’t chip much either. The first time I wore it, I didn’t apply a top coat and it was still really durable, I also performed a nail varnish sin and didn’t apply a base coat (I was way too excited to try it) but it came off so easily and didn’t stain my nail bed. This is the first modelsown nail varnish I’ve bought, but it defintaley won’t be the last! Very happy!

Have you tried the #speckledegg range form modelsown? #twolittleowls

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