Feature a Friend : Annie


C: So as our #featureafriend post for the Boohoo competition, we thought that it would be interesting to each do a post about each others style and feature our favourite outfits! So here is mine about Annie (Annie’s post about me will be up tomorrow so watch out for that!)


Annie recently wore this dress to a wedding and I absolutely love it. The emerald green goes so perfectly with her hair and skin tone, and the vintage style shows Annie’s style (in both fashion and her lovely home) perfectly. Annie is always really good at accessorising her outfits – she has insane amounts of jewellery – and the brooch and earrings she wore with this dress finishes the outfit off in a sophisticated but different way. The dress is from Topshop and Annie’s jewellery is all vintage.


I chose this crochet dress of Annie’s because a. Annie loves it and b. I thought it reflects her personality and style really well. Annie loves anything home made, vintage and boho. She also wore this to my brothers wedding last summer, so it always reminds me of that amazing day! The dress is from Vera Moda and the leather jacket is from Vila.


Last but not least, Annie bought both this jumper and dress from Primark yesterday. She is always really good at putting outfits together, as I would never think to put a jumper over my dress and this looks amazing! The lovely bee necklace is from Silk Purse Sows Ear which Annie’s boyfriend got her for Christmas (you should have a look on their website because their vintage jewellery is lovely!).

So thats it from us today, I hope you enjoyed seeing my picks of Annie’s wardrobe! #twolittleowlsblog

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Email: twolittleowls@hotmail.co.uk


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