An accidental study day haul!

A & C: So we are both in Lincoln today, studying away in the library like the good little nerds we are. We obviously had to have a break to eat nacho’s for our lunch in the name of nutrition and good mental health, and yet whilst in town we accidentally went shopping. I say accidentally… but everyone deserves a treat for doing lots of work right?? 

So heres what we got: 


C: I got these amazing wedges from Primarni for only £10! I have been looking for some like this for ages as being 5ft11 means I can’t wear massive heels (or I hit my head on things and look like the BFG). I am so excited to wear them and I am going out tomorrow night, so keep your eyes peeled for an OOTD post!

I also got two nail varnishes from modelsown (2 for £8 across the whole modelsown range at Boots!). Both me and the ginger one have had our eye on the speckled egg nail varnishes for a while now but wanted to see the colours in real life instead of ordering them online. I got the “Duck” colour which is a beautiful pastel blue colour and then I got the Grape Juice colour from the scented (yes, scented) scratch and sniff range. I kid you not, scented nail varnish. Despite being a Psychology post grad student all advertising works on me and I had to buy it! I tried to have a smell (you get strange looks if you sniff nail varnish in the library…) and I can’t smell anything so it must be once you have painted your nails! Anyway, I will stop rambling on and actually do some work. I will be doing individual reviews of the items once I have tried them out/I am not stuck in a library. 

A: Okay so I actually had some pennies left at the end of the month before payday so I thought I deserved a treat, and we’ve been working super hard today. From Primark, I got this lovely collared dress with a ditsy floral print for £13, and a sparkly jumper which was in the sale for £3! I obviously couldn’t say no to that! I also got some black moccasins, I’ve been looking for some flats for ages that are smart enough to wear for work but fun too, and they were only £8. 

Like Chloe, I had to give in to the modelsown offer too, and chose the Magpie green from the speckled egg collection. I also chose the modelsown Lip-stix in nude, I’ve been lusting after one of the crayon type lipsticks for ages and I love this colour.

What do you think of our accidental haul? Let us know #twolittleowlsblog

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