Liebster Award Number 2!


C & A: We were lucky enough to receive another Liebster Award last week from the lovely Belle Brunette, thank you so much!!

So here goes…

1. Where were you born?

C: Boston!

A: In the sleepy town of Spalding, in Lincolnshire.

2. What inspires you in life?

C: Happiness I suppose? You need to make your own happiness.

A: Sunny days! If the sun is shining I always feel more inspired and motivated.

3. How many languages do you speak?

C: I can speak English fluently (unless I have had a lot of wine), a bit of German and a bit of French.

A: 1 and a half! English and GCSE German.

4. What is one food you could eat every single day?

C: Marmite on Toast mmmhmmmm.

A: cheese.

5. Books or magazines?

C: Books.

A: Books for sure.

6. Do you believe in true love?

C: Kind of? I don’t believe that the love depicted in films/books is necessarily true but I do believe that there is some one out there for everyone.

A: True love does sound a little like a fairy tale, but I do believe that you find the right person for a reason.

7. How tall are you?

C: 5ft11.

A: Erm about 5ft 7″ I think?

8. Any piercings or tattoos?

C: 5 piercings in my ears, nose and belly button pierced (I don’t like belly buttons so now I dont have to look at it) and I have four tattoos (although if my mother is asking I have two, shhh…)

A: I have one tattoo and six ear piercings.

9. What is the best memory you have?

C: When my boyfriend got beat up by a girl (long, very funny story).

A: Okay, probs what Chloe said. Also, that night I spilt Chloe’s pizza on the floor, picked it up and put it back in the box and didn’t tell her when she carried on eating it. Hahahah.

10. What is your favorite holiday?

C: I would just like a holiday please! Not fussy!

A: I love camping (my boyfriend and I have a VW campervan, and are planning some long weekends this summer).

12. Any hobbies?

C: blogging, baking, napping.

A: Apart from blogging – baking, sewing, crafting (basically anything that makes a mess).

11 Random Facts

1. Chloe and I went to school together but lost touch when we left. Last year, our boyfriends decided to become bezzies and now I can’t rid of her!

2. Annie has 12 chickens, 1 rooster and 2 ducks living in her garden (they are hers, not just randomly living there).

3. We went paintballing last week – and survived!

4. Chloe makes epic millionaire shortbread. She once made two trays when we went camping, our friend Spen had a slice then we demolished the rest between us…

5. If we could have miniature versions of an animal as a pet, Annie would have a tiny giraffe and Chloe would have a mini lion (I enjoyed the Narnia books too much as a child)

6. We discuss ridiculous things (see above).

7. We spend way too much time together (see above).

8. Chloe was a magpie in a previous life. She has a wardrobe of sequins and glitter but hardly ever wears any of it!

9. Annie is ginger. Like super duper ginger.

10. Annie gets sick of ginger jokes. All the time. And cankle jokes.

11. Chloe has tiny eyeslids. Abnormally tiny.

Our nominations for the Liebster Award are:

1. amazing make up reviews!

2. yeah you two are pretty funny – and another duo blog like ours!

3. we loved your first post, can’t wait to read more!

4. your Wolf of Wall Street Review was brilliant!

5. well worth a follow – we love your photos!

6. we love you bikini season post!

7. amazing thrifting inspiration.

8. beautiful photography skills.

9. this is beautiful – Annie pretty much wants to be you!

10. this blog has some lovely quote inspiration

11. some cute nail art ideas!

And our questions are as follows:

1. Do you have any brothers and sisters?

2. What are your hobbies?

3. If you could be/own any animal what would it be?

4. If you were on a desert island, what 3 things would you take with you?

5.  Savoury or sweet?

6. Favourite blog?

7. Who do you look up to?

8. What’s your dream job?

9. Do you have any pets?

10. What’s your favourtie film?

11. Favourite thing to do on a Sunday?

Can’t wait to read your posts – have a lovely day! #twolittleowls

Instagram: @twolittleowlsblog

Twitter: @twolittleowls1



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