Lush Skincare: Tea Tree Water

C: I previously reviewed the Ultrabland cleanser that I bought in my recent Lush haul (have a quick scroll through our previous posts to find it!). So it is now time for part 2: tea tree water toner water.


This toner retails at £3.95 for 100g which I think is an absolute bargain! In my experience toners last me ages and after both me and L (my lesser half) using it for a few weeks we have only used about a quarter. Perfect for someone looking for good quality skin care on a budget.

So what does this do? Lush describes this as follows : “comes to the aid of skin that has emergencies. Tea tree is a wonder antibacterial, antiseptic and anti microbial ingredient for anyone with oily or spot prone skin.” To use this you can either spray directly onto the skin (closing your eyes is recommended) or spritz on to cotton wool to help wipe away dirt.

Both myself and L really liked this toner. It is the first time I have used a toner that has helped remove the last traces of dirt and make up from my skin and leaves my face feeling refreshed and clean. I thought that the tea tree would be too strong for my sensitive skin but this did not aggravate my eczema whilst still giving a thorough clean! It also helped reduce the appearance of L’s blemishes as well as stop others from appearing.

Have you tried this toner or any of Lush’s other Skincare products? #twolittleowlsblog

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