Lush Skincare: Ultrabland Review


C: So I bought these items a couple of weeks ago (mentioned in a haul post!) and now I have been using them for a while I thought I would let you know my thoughts/review. Both my boyfriend (L) and I have been using these and we both have very different skin – he has quite spot/blemish prone skin whereas I just have super sensitive skin and bucket sized pores, lucky us. So I shall let you know the effects it has had on each of us! I shall be reviewing each item separately so look out for the next Lush skincare posts!

Ultrabland Facial Cleanser – £6.95 for 45g. To use this you smooth a small amount over your skin (it says generous amount on the tub, but you really don’t need much) and then wipe off using cotton wool. The oils within the cleansing cream cling to any dirt or make up meaning you get a gentle but thorough cleanse (it even removed my Benefit, They’re Real Mascara if I rubbed it in well and left it to soak in!). Honey then “softens and conditions the skin, and has antiseptic properties; whilst rose water and rose absolute reduce redness and help to balance the skin”.

So what did we think?

I loved this! Firstly I couldn’t believe it removed my mascara – it usually takes me ages to get rid of it all! Yet whilst being a powerful make up remover it was gentle enough to not irritate my super sensitive skin whilst leaving it feeling amazingly clean and moisturized. L also liked this, it took me ages to persuade him to try it and he was glad he did. He was worried that being an oil based product (and “girly” apparently) that it would make his spotty skin worse but it actually did the opposite. Instead of stripping his skin with harsh chemicals it helped balance out his oily skin, reduce blemishes and keep his skin clean/moisturized.

I also got the smallest pot and did not think it would last very long, but with both of us using it we have almost half left after two weeks! Really good value for money at less than £7! So if you have problem/sensitive skin I would really recommend you try this, as sometimes although you think you have oily skin it is just our body reacting to the harsh chemicals that are put in many spot treatments. By using an oil based natural product your skin will then hopefully be getting the care and moisture needed for lovely skin!

Have you guys tried Ultrabland? Let us know what you think! #twolittleowlsblog

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