Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel

A: hope you’re all having a lovely Sunday! Today’s post is about my new found skin saviour. Chloe has been going on about this product from Clinique for ages – but I didn’t want to spend lots of money on it in case it wasn’t right for me. I have oily, dry and spotty skin with massive bucket pores – I’m so lucky!! I really struggle to find good moisturisers that work, sometimes I have to resort the the old faithful E45, but I can’t use this all the time because like a lot of moisturisers it is really thick and can be too much for my skin. Chloe got bored of me moaning about my skin all the time so she let me have a sample of her Clinique dramatically different moisturising gel.


As you can see, I’ve nearly ran out – but I ordered some more online today because I love it! I hadn’t tried a moisturising gel before, but this is perfect for combination skin. It soothes dry patches but because it’s oil free you won’t wake up with a shiny t-zone. It’s also really helped with clearing up my blemishes and preventing any new outbreaks. Chloe can suffer from eczema too and she did say to me that this can dry up any eczema patches she has on her face over night – bonus! The cheapest I have been able to find it is here for £17, but this is for 50ml. In my opinion, that’s a pretty good price to pay for blemish free (fingers crossed) skin!

I have ordered Avons version of this to try, it is a lot cheaper – just £4.50 for 100ml! I’ll keep you updated with a comparison as soon as I’ve tested it. #twolittleowls

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5 thoughts on “Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel

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