Avon matte top coat: a review

A & C: so chloe mentioned the avon vernis top coat in yesterday’s post and now we have both tried it out we thought we would share our review/opinions with you!

Matte nails are currently very on trend, and we have found it difficult to find affordable matte nail varnishes that are long lasting and still in beautiful colours. By using this top coat we are able to mattify the colours we already have and love without spending too much money!


C: here is a picture of my nails whilst using the matte top coat. I haven’t painted my little finger and have done half of my ring finger so you can hopefully see the difference it makes! I really liked this effect and was suprised at the difference it made as it looked so shiny in the bottle! It was also long lasting and my nails lasted almost 3 days before chipping!


A: I must admit, I thought Chloe had brought the wrong nail varnish with her tonight – in the bottle it looks really shiny and shimmery, but pretty much as soon as it’s applied, it dries matte! And it doesn’t feel chalky like I expected either, so I might have to invest (or steal Chloe’s!) #twolittleowlsblog

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