Patchwork Update

A: Hope you’re all having a lovely Sunday evening (if you’re anything like me I’m totally ignoring the fact that I’ve got work tomorrow)!

I’ve spent the day making a roast and doing some more work on my blanket, today’s is pretty simple but really effective I think…


I’ve made a pattern out of lots of different buttons, I want my blanket to have lots of different textures and although these buttons don’t match all of the colours in the fabric for this square, they will pick up on the colours in other squares. I’ve also placed them just off centre, I use this as a bit of a cheat to be honest because when the blanket is sewn together some fabrics may pull more than others – this might affect the central points in some of the squares. If you place the design in your squares off centre, this won’t happen as they aren’t meant to be central. In the art world, there is a sum to work out the off centre line or ‘golden section’ -artists use it as it is deemed to be more aesthetically pleasing!

Hopefully it’s given you some inspiration, what projects are you working on? #twolittleowls

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Twitter: @twolittleowls1


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