Eczema/sensitive skin care.

C: A bit of a boring post today, but one I really could have done with reading a couple of years ago! I have always suffered with eczema/sensitive skin and up until now I have been super embarrassed about it, didn’t want to go out when it was really bad and I didn’t know how to look after my eczema properly. So I thought I would do this post just in case anybody else feels the same! Here is what I learnt:

1. Steroid creams – temporarily do the job but do not solve the problem. I spent years covering myself in steroid creams (and the eczema kept coming back with a vengeance) which is really not good for you. One day I decided to take a different approach and see my eczema as just really dry skin instead of a medical condition. I started using Cetraben  up to four times a day! I know that’s super annoying, and no one really has time to moisturize four times a day but once my skin started clearing up I only had to do it twice!

2. Cod Liver Oil – basically, taking Cod Liver Oil starts your moisturizing from the inside. Weird I know but it definitely helped.

3. Drink Plenty (water not wine)- always good advice.

4. Clinique Dramatically Different  Moisturising Gel – the only facial moisturizer I am not allergic too and it actually clears up any little eczema patches I get on my face overnight. No idea how/why but I’m pleased I’ve found it! Each bottle also lasts me ages so it is totally worth the pennies!

5. Change shower gels/shampoos/conditioners each time – for some reason my skin decides it doesn’t like something if I use it too often. This may be an eczema thing or it might be a crazy person thing. Haven’t worked that part out yet, but worth a go.

6. Dairy – definitely makes eczema worse and from what I’ve read online this seems to be a universal thing. I’m not saying go vegan but for example, the week before my brothers wedding I cut out all dairy so my skin was as good as can be!

I hope that is of some help to fellow eczema/sensitive skin sufferers, if you have any questions just ask or if you have any other tips please share! #twolittleowlsblog

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