Nailed it with nail studs!

A: Nail studs are a really cool nail art idea, and one of my favourites to do because they look really professional! I guarantee everyone will ask how you managed to do them and they are SO SO easy to do!


Step One: Choose your colours. Obviously use the usual clear for base and top coats. I normally go for black when I’m using gold studs, that way they go with pretty much all of my outfits but try to use a dark colour as your base, that way the studs will really stand out. The studs I’ve used are available here if you don’t already have some and the dotting pen is the same as Chloe used in her spotty nails post (you can use a cocktail stick, but I would highly recommend ordering some dotting pens, they come in handy for all sorts of nail art!)

Step Two: The usual cleaning, filing, buffing to prep your nails. Then add your base coat and then your colour (blck in my case).

Step Three: Now the fun can start…


Add another layer of your coloured varnish to your statement nail and then place on your stud using the dotting pen. It does help to have everything laid out in advance for this, otherwise you can get nail varnish everywhere and then have to start all over again (trust me – I’ve learnt from experience!) Press down on the stud using the end of the dotting pen, make sure its secure. Repeat this for your other hand and allow to dry.

Step Four: Add anything else you want! I’ve gone for a coordinating gold glitter on one other nail. Once you’ve finished, add a clear top coat too all of your nails, your can paint over the stud with the clear varnish to make it extra secure.


Here’s another idea which Chloe tried out, using two studs on her statement nail and a brighter colour – perfect for summer!


Have fun playing! #twolittleowls

instagram: @twolittleowlsblog

twitter: @twolittleowlsblog



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