An accidental shopping trip!


C: So after a day stuck in the apartment doing uni work (drinking coffee and reading blogs) I got such bad cabin fever I make the rookie mistake of popping into town. I might have spend money but I got some bargains so I was really pleased, and I met Annie after work for a quick catch up/shop too! So heres what I got:

1. Maroon ankle boots from new look. Ive wanted some like these for ages, and they were in the sale too, so a bargain at £22.49! They are perfect boots for going out in winter as they keep your feet warm and they are a good heel height too!

2. MUA lipstick in Shade 1. For £1 at Superdrug I couldnt resist, and I’ve read so many blogs where people are raving about these! My first impressions are also good, I’ve only tried it on once and it was a lovely light formula with good pigmentation, and lasted a long time. Unfortunately its not quite the shade I wanted, I was looking for a darker red but thats my fault not the lipsticks!

3. Large ring, £2 in the sale at Superdrug. Another bargain I couldnt resist, I love statement jewellery.

4. B. Pure Micellar Water, currently better than half price at £2.47. I picked this up on a whim as I have recently tried Bioderma through Birchbox and wanted to see if the cheaper, highstreet versions compare. I have only tried this once, and it did hurt my eyes even though it is apparently for sensitive skin but this may be due to lack of sleep! So I shall report back and do a single review for any items that I test and think are good! #twolittleowlsblog

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